Your Print Order

I am thrilled to be able to offer high quality Giclee (zhee klay) prints using one of the leading print labs in the Midwest. These prints are produced from advanced technology to create ultra-detailed prints with vibrant colors.

Archival Fine Art Paper

Your Giclee print will be produced on Fine Art archival paper, which will maintain color and quality for up to 100 years on display and 300 in dark storage. I do recommend that you keep them out of direct sunlight and high moisture areas for best results.

Original Artwork

My original watercolors are typically created on a heavy cotton watercolor paper (140 to 300 lb) made in France. I prefer to use cold-press paper because it has a good amount of texture.

My artwork includes a mixed variety of materials including watercolor paints, gouache, watercolor ink, archival pens, fountain pens and chalk.

Because I love to create, you will see a steady stream of new material on my site.

Will I sell originals? I will sell a select few. Smaller originals will be offered through my site in the near future. And a limited amount of large originals will be offered at local events.

All my artwork (originals and prints) are copyright protected and may not be copied or reproduced or used without my permission.


I do a limited number of architectural-type commissions each year for both business and personal use. Paintings will be a recreation from the photos you provide or a photo I can take (Twin Ports area}. Contact me for photo tips and a quote.

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About Me

Welcome to my art website! I am delighted to share my passion to create and to offer prints to those that like my work.

Watercolor painting has been a hobby of mine since I was a young child. For years I have poured through art books and online videos practicing techniques and learning about the many aspects of art while mimicking the art in front of me. There is still so much more to learn.

During the pandemic, I decided to start creating my own art work and to share it through social media. Thanks to much encouragement, it has led me to selling prints and operating my own small business. I am thrilled!

I hope you will enjoy browsing through my art gallery and that you will find the perfect art piece for your own collection. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or comments or special requests.